It should be no surprise that top marketers are using retargeting to capture a greater percentage of visitors to their websites and turn them into customers. Your customers are busy people. Reminding them of your products or services is an increasing important facet of marketing today. So what is retargeting?

When someone comes to your website, an unobtrusive pixel is placed on their browser — causing their browser to be “cookied.” When they leave your site to surf the web, that cookie notifies our retargeting platform to serve them ads for your services. Call it a customized billboard on the web for your business, but much more powerful.

Only about 2% of your website visitors convert on their first visit. Retargeting gets them back and makes more of them customers. 

It All Begins With a Little Pixel

Retargeting pixels are tiny…but powerful!

Once someone visits your website, you can then reach out to them all over the Internet on other websites to encourage them to come back. This is powerful to know you can be in front of those who have shown interest in the past. This also works well for past customers — showing them a different message to incentivize them to buy again.

Get In Front of Your Customers

Customers need to learn more about you!

By keeping your brand in front of visitors, they have a chance to come back to learn more about you. Statistics show people need to have 6-8 interactions with your company before they will consider purchasing, or reaching out to your company.

Improve Online Sales and Conversions

Customers need to be reminded to buy!

Did you know that 37% of retargeted customers appreciate being reminded to come back? People are busy and increasingly distracted. By having these gentle reminders, those who would have converted if not distracted, come back and buy from you.