Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to the use of social media to market your business via platforms like Facebook that encourage visitor interaction. It’s important that every business engage with social media, even if it is just to establish a ‘footprint’.

Social Media Footprint

Having a social media footprint means signing up for platforms like Google , Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to place content on these sites. While it is better if you do so, your website will still benefit in terms of Google search for simply having a presence.

See an example of a business listing in Google search to the righteasy installations in google search (click the graphic to expand it). The listing for Easy Installations in Yelp and Facebook appear before the website URL. We leveraged the authority of these social sites to get the website found more easily in Google while spending very little time to add content to either.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing not only establishes a web ‘footprint’ but also seeks to engage customers and potential customers by regularly posting on social sites. By using interesting posts rather than outright advertising, your business can benefit. You will especially benefit if your content becomes viral, as it’s a great way to gain third party exposure to your business and brand. Our social media marketing service posts interesting and relevant posts to your Facebook fan page and other sites like Twitter to help you get the word out. Please visit our dedicated social marketing site here:

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Ads on Facebook

For many businesses, Facebook is currently the ‘hot hand’ when it comes to advertising. The ability to use engaging ads in the right hand column or the news feed of potential customers is very powerful. Facebook’s ‘lookalike’ ad function allowing advertisers to target potential customers that look like current customers is also very powerful. And the ability to ‘retarget‘ visitors to your website on Facebook means that you can target warm leads — those people you know are already interested in what you have to offer. 

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