A Better Way — Cell Phone Text Notification (SMS)

Most people own a cell phone that can receive text messages. This makes SMS the ideal communication medium for many business applications. A text message system provides you with the following advantages:

green1-check01mNo expensive hardware to buy, replace or maintain — customers provide the hardware (their cell phones)

green1-check01mText messaging is second nature to most of your customers so no education is necessary to introduce the system to them

green1-check01mMost if not all of your customers carry a cell phone. You can leverage this fact to save money, increase your customer satisfaction and your bottom line

green1-check01mThe addition of a wireless (SMS) system to your business is easy and cost-effective

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Features of Our SMS System

Our SMS Text Messaging system is a simple yet powerful system that is easy to use. There are no pagers or devices to hand out, retrieve or maintain. And SMS Text Messages can be received on just about any cell phone!

There is close to zero learning curve. Your staff simply login to the online application and enter your customer information. It’s simple yet powerful and will enhance your customer experience. They will thank you for the ease of use.

green1-check01mWorks on your desktop computer, smart phone or tablet. No software to load — simple web access

green1-check01mOnce you save the customer information you can edit or delete it

green1-check01mSend ‘table is ready’ notifications, or similar messages to your customers

green1-check01mBuild a list of customers that you can message with special offers

Contact Us

Contact Us today for more information and pricing on our Text Messaging system or sign up for an account by clicking the banner below. One we receive your information, we can talk you through using the system.

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