Many local businesses would love to have exposure on TV, radio and billboard. However, they find it too expensive. If you are in the same position, or you really don’t know how to evaluate the return you get from this kind of advertising here are a few tips for you.

  1. Find ways to track your contacts from these ads. One of the simplest is to ask every new customer or prospect how they heard about you.
  2. If your ad features your website you can set up a dedicated page for them to visit and with on-page analytics find out how many people are responding to the ad.

Another great method of getting the ‘word out there’ is to use display and retargeting advertising. In combination, these two online marketing thrusts offer both branding and contacts from interested customers.

Using a tiny pixel set up on your website, anyone who responds to your display advertising is tracked and shown ads inviting them back to your site. Research has shown that at least 37% of those show these follow-up ads appreciate them.

Your customers are busy people and sometimes get distracted before they can actually contact you. In addition, they may be in the research phase and seeing your ads on the web can encourage them to revisit your site.

Not every advertising platform offers both display (initial ads) and retargeting ads. In combination they can be a killer strategy to give your business both local branding and retargeting follow-up with prospective clients or customers.

For more information on our retargeting services, visit our dedicated page here: Display Ads and Retargeting