Pay-Per-Click Marketing

ppc adsPay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is the use of paid ads on search engines like Google and Bing. The title refers to how the advertiser is billed — per click. Clicks can vary in cost anywhere from less than a dollar to over forty dollars. The most expensive clicks are generally found in the financial services industry, with insurance and loans at the top.

Normally clicks will take the person clicking to a website or landing page where they will receive more information on the relevant product or service and provided an opportunity to respond to a ‘call-to-action’ like filling in a form or making a phone call.

PPC ad management is not an easy task. If we take Google for example, the ad setup and management can be daunting and expensive if you get it wrong. Common mistakes made by advertisers include incorrect geographical targeting causing them to pay for clicks in other cities or countries — in a place that they cannot service, and improper landing page setup leading to a poor conversion rate.

As a result of the complexity in managing a successful PPC campaign, many businesses turn to professionals. Sadly, even here there are pitfalls. Not all professionals are adept at launching and maintaining a good campaign. And sometimes, their charges are hidden, so the business owner doesn’t actually know how much money is going towards their ads.

At Hendriks Marketing, we have engaged a world-class team of PPC experts to manage our clients’ accounts. Their work has resulted in better performance and lower costs for clients that have previously used other professionals. If you are currently advertising using PPC, contact us today for a free evaluation of your current campaign.

If you are considering using PPC for the first time, contact us for more information on how our service can add value to your advertising and get you more buying customers from the web.