bing mobile-friendly site in searchBing has gone the same route as Google when it comes to favouring sites that are mobile-friendly. Here is a quote from Bing: “Mobile search continues to surge ahead and grow as a percentage of overall internet search queries. In November 2014, we shared our plans to make significant investments towards understanding the mobile friendliness of web pages. Since then, we have been investigating various approaches that leverage mobile friendliness to deliver the best possible mobile search experience on Bing. In this update, we share details on our mobile friendliness roadmap, insights from recent user experience changes and factors that impact mobile friendliness of webpages.

They go on to say that it won’t mean dramatic changes for authority sites that are not mobile-friendly in search, but for any business not yet smart phone-friendly, it’s time to become so, with a mobile-responsive website or mobile version of their desktop site.

Are you mobile-friendly yet?