Reduce or Stop Missed Appointments

Do you wish you could have less missed appointments in your day? Missed appointments cost your business time and money. That is why more and more smart business owners are using appointment reminders to remind their clients or customers of upcoming appointments.

Our appointment reminder can send one or more reminders by SMS Text message or email, or both– you choose what is best for your business. Reminders can be set up for days in advance of the appointment or a few hours — you have complete flexibility.

There is nothing for you or your staff to do other than enter the customer’s email or cell number along with their name and the reminder time. Our system takes care of the rest. It’s automated so that you don’t have to remember anything else. And forget about manual reminder emails or phone calls that take time for your staff to do.

reminder system calendar

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Once set up, your reminder system has a simple form (picture on right) for you to input your client/customer’s name and cell number and the appointment date and time. That’s all. From there, text(s) and/or emails are sent out at the appropriate times to remind them of their appointment. Your appointment calendar (picture on left) will give you a global view of the appointments you have scheduled for the month. From your calendar, you can easily edit appointments to change them.


Pricing is simple. If you decide you like the reminder system after a free two week trial, there is a minimal setup charge and an ongoing charge of $99/month which includes 1000 text messages. There is no long-term contract — cancel at any time with one month’s notice. Why not get your free two week trial started now?