Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?

yt logoVideo is the most powerful medium on the web, and video marketing is the use of video to market your brand, products, or services. Getting to Google page 1 is much easier with a video than with a web page — about 50 times easier! Further, video is relatively underused as a marketing medium, which means that using it can give you an edge on your competition.

Video is powerful because it combines the visual and aural elements we use to absorb information. It’s more than reading and it’s more than listening. Plus, people simply  enjoy video and would rather watch two minutes of video than read five minutes of text. Videos work because they are very engaging. They have the power to move us and to motivate us and when done correctly they can be far more persuasive and leave a much better lasting impression than any other form of media.

Combining a video with proper Video SEO is one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing you could use. Similar to website SEO, our video SEO ensures that your videos are properly optimized to get the most Google ‘love’.

Videos can also be an integral part of other marketing campaigns or tools. You can use them for traditional advertising, for crowd-funding projects, for digital products or for training. When used for marketing, distribution is important. We can distribute your video to the top channels on the web for maximum exposure.

Your Website Visitors Who Will Actually Read Your Entire Content20%
Your Website Visitors Who Will View a Video on Your Site80%

Video Samples

Here are some samples of the kinds of videos we can produce for you.

blue3-bullet-013sPortfolio videos are composed of still shots provided by you, and text and video if you have it. We add music, and put it all through our creative ‘blender’ to produce an engaging video for your website audience.

blue3-bullet-013sWhiteboard videos provide a simple but engaging alternative to explain a product or service using handwriting and music.

blue3-bullet-013sCartoon videos are similar to the whiteboard, but use cartoon figures. 

Video ‘POW’

Put the ‘POW‘ in your marketing with video. Video is engaging and Google loves video and is looking for great videos to showcase on page 1 of search for multiple keywords. It’s their way of making mixed content available.

While many businesses pay a fortune for website SEO to get them to page 1 of Google, few understand how much easier and less costly it is to get there via properly SEO’d video.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can implement video marketing for your business to display your brand and reach new customers. 

Video is Smart Marketing

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